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We provide services for pergolas, balconies, wood and composite decks, wood and metal railings, windows, doors, siding, dry rot repairs, interior and exterior renovations, HVAC replacement and renovations, HVAC indoor air quality treatment, water heater replacement and general home repairs.


We perform new “ground up construction”, rebuilding, modifications and renovations of wood and composite decking, stairs, and railing systems for the residential market.


It is IMPERATIVE for a raised deck or balcony to be constructed properly for safety. Proper engineering goes into each balcony as no 2 are ever the same.

Structural Repairs & Modifications

We use one of the most well-known Structural engineering firms, in the Northern California region, to help us with structural changes to your home.


There are countless brand choices for your windows. We help you to choose the right ones for your budget with the absolute best in installation practices.


Door installations can be very tricky as there are a lot of variations and size openings. We measure the door system(s) for you and assist you with choices to fit your budget.

Dry Rot Repair

Without pulling punches, dry rot is cancer to a home’s structure!! Without warning, it can create tens of thousands of dollars in damages in a very short time period, if not attended to, when first noticed.


Plywood paneled styles or horizontal fiber cement board or “smart wood” lap siding. We NEVER use MDF siding in our projects.


Designs, products, and styles are endless. We work with you on your budget to design and build the best and safest Pergola system for a great value.

Water Heaters

Gas or Electric residential water heaters using best in class products.

HVAC Indoor Air Quality

There is a huge rise in the Sacramento area with children’s respiratory issues. Most of those issues are related to your home indoor air system. We specialize in investigating and making recommendations to help your family to breathe easier.

HVAC Zone Control Systems

Are you tired of hot and cold spots between sections of your home? This can happen in both single level and multilevel homes alike. We are specialists in Honeywell brand zone control systems that will fit your needs. We will work for you to be the most comfortable at any time / any place in your home.

Heating & Air

We have over 50 years of HVAC engineering and installations for homes in the local area. Each and every family's HVAC needs are different. We do NOT treat your home’s system like a cookie cutter installation. We design the system that will work best for YOUR needs with many brand options available.

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