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Without pulling punches, dry rot / fungus can, exponentially, destroy the wood supports of your home’s structure(s). We investigate and advise you as to what your options are for proper repairs.

hilarious decking disaster

A dangerous situation

A homeowner near the border of Fair Oaks, and Carmichael, CA had contacted us about a redwood deck/balcony that came apart early one spring. If dry rot is caught very early, situations like this can be avoided.

Dry rot is one of your home’s worst enemies

This dry rot had traveled extensively into the wood beams of the master bedroom floor.(Did you know that Dry rot can spread up to 700% in a single day given the right temperature of 71-77 degrees and some moist air)?

Once you see dry rot forming, it is time to act and call Carruth Home Solutions to inspect and offer solutions. It is important to note that dry rot damage is not covered by most insurances. We recommend for all homeowners to be proactive to protect their investment.


Assessing, engineering, planning, and renovating

We investigate portions of the home’s structure, sheetrock, beams, joists and more to arrive at solutions that provide long term safety and functionality for your home. We have over 60+ years of combined experiences to provide you with a great finished product to maintain your most valuable investment.

Solutions with a purpose.

We work very hard to make your home repairs / renovations done properly and intentionally to provide your home with the look you wish to maintain or wish to modify.

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