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Isn’t it great to see stock and gorgeous photos of windows? Then the installation day comes, and the project can become completely different than what you expected it to be! We are licensed and bonded to handle these situations.

hilarious decking disaster

We can handle problems

We install Anlin, Milgard, Anderson, Pella, and other window systems to homes around Folsom, Carmichael, Orangevale, Fair Oaks, Sacramento, New Castle, Penryn, Roseville, Loomis and more. About 60% of the time, we discover dry rot or termite damage within the supporting wall of the windows. This is usually hidden by the trim and paint and then discovered once the wood trim is removed.

Evaluation and a solution

If or when we find structural concerns, we will give a complete assessment and quickly offer a repair solution that will keep the job on schedule.


We take everything into consideration

We make a full assessment of what is needed to bring this job to completion. This may mean some engineering for the home, supporting the wall while timbers are removed (so that the roof does not collapse). Execute the plan to include new framing and electrical changes.

Affordable Solutions

We will discuss options for products and / or designs that is more affordable. Adding siding to this home instead of new stucco came at a better cost and gave the home an upgraded look. This homeowner chose to paint the finish job the following weekend to save on costs.

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