Nearly every single day we are bombarded with plumbing companies offering to “clean and inspect” your sewer lines! Am I right? It drives me crazy, and I will tell you why it drives me crazy. 

There is a lot of uproar about your home’s sewer lines …but no one really addresses or wants to talk about the water coming into your home! 

Your sewer line has a clean out access (or should have) that can be cleaned and inspected. If you really wanted to know how your water lines are, it might be best to cut open your main water line to your home or at the line coming into your home. That can normally be easily repaired after inspecting. 

The water pathway for your home water can vary greatly. Aside from some of the most obvious things such as mud, silt, and a variety of minerals, there can also be dozens upon dozens of drugs and toxins in the “state approved” range of being labeled as a “safe level” to consume. That is where the water leaves the distribution site headed to your home. But what about what happens to the water by the time it gets to our homes? 

Have you ever seen a broken water main somewhere or heard of the main water line breaking? A pipe burst for some “unknown” reason. Then before it is fixed, the pipe fills up with all the surrounding debris that is nearby. It gets into that very broken line and heads for our homes. There is no filter system hooked up to the water line to prevent that debris from getting to our homes! 

Pictured below is a consumer supply water main line that broke in suburb of Sacramento in the spring of 2023. I think it is perfectly obvious, to all who notice, the “what the heck is THAT in the pipe”? This is a 16” water line!

A rusty pipe with a hole in it

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Ok, pretty ugly right? That is incredible if you think about it, but what is more incredible to consider is what does that do to your home water lines and what are you drinking, cooking, bathing, and washing in? 

Some pictures you might not want to see but I will show you. 

From a home in Folsom, CA pictured below. A cold-water supply line to a portion of the home. 

A close-up of a pipe

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In Colfax, CA we detached the main cold water supply line to a water heater and captured some water to see what it might look like. We found a lot of brown and small debris in the water supplied by the city. This is NOT well water. See below.

A close-up of a brown object

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Seen below is a cold-water feed line to a home in Fair Oaks, CA. The complaint was low water pressure. They had no idea what they were consuming. 

A close-up of a rusty screw

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Pictured below is a cold-water feed line found in the Arden Park area of Sacramento, CA. The complaint was low water pressure. 

A hand holding a pipe with a brown substance inside

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This pipe below belonged to a home in Lincoln, CA. We were working on moving a water heater for a renovation project and discovered this hot-water feed line to the water heater. The homeowner had told us that she had brown stuff coming out of her pipes when she turns on the faucets.

A close-up of a rusted metal object

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I understand nobody wants to talk about the water to their home, but I thought it was prudent to let as many people as possible know. The water in your home is NOT pristine. 

If you think about this for a moment, we all HATE a smoke-filled room and will try to cover our mouths or avoid the smoke if possible. It is the same when we cannot escape the persistence of smoke when we have wildfires. If I were to link this thought process to a comparable idea, your home water is like living full time in smoke filled room, but it is your water. Eventually, (they say), you will “use to it”. 


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