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Over the last 6 decades, I have found the greatest contributor to home flooding. AND there just so happens to be many of these little culprits throughout your home.

All your cold-water feed lines, (for your indoor and some of your outdoor water fixtures), are all attached to the notorious….


A pipe with a hose attached to the wall

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A metal hose connected to a pipe

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Seen above from left to right:

#1) The “white-headed devil”. 1 piece stop valve. 

#2) Corrugated full turn 1 piece stop valve.

#3) ¼ – ½ turn Corrugated 1 piece stop valve.

The corrugated line is part of the valve body. It is made up of corrugated copper coated with a layer of chrome for added protection against corrosion. 

The entire length of the hose hardens over time and cannot take much shock or movement and will eventually leak or break. 

Some of you readers might share my pain and frustration at having to ever try to stop the water flow in a time of an emergency leak. In fact, this component does not like us one little bit. You look at it wrong and it is going to break! Right??? Trust me…if you never had the experience, you have not learned to cuss!

A close-up of a pipe

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And it seems that the most common valve to break or flood is just under the toilet. 

The sad thing is, we all see that valve at least 1 time a day, every single day! It stares at us and defies us just waiting for us to leave the home and then…too late!

A close up of a pipe

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But wait, it doesn’t have to be too late. You can make an appointment with Carruth Home Solutions to do a quick evaluation of your water shut off valves and advise you accordingly. 

We use chrome coated brass shut off valves that feature an easy to turn ¼ turn stop and braided water lines that will not harden or crack over time. 

A close-up of a pipe

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A flexible metal hose with a white plastic connector

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Call 916-257-8310 to schedule a $97 inspection / evaluation of your water lines. Normally $150.

Carruth Home Solutions at 916-257-8310

Text 916-257-8310

Email carruthhomesolutions2016@gmail.com

Visit our website at www.chsforme.com

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